Armağan Durdağ, Composer, Conductor, Educator | Discography
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Original composition, “Katibim” for soprano and piano,

released in the album “From the Balkans

by soprano Ece İdil and pianist Metin Ülkü.

Released: June, 2017.


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Performed piano in two tracks in “Meeting of Hearts”,

a world-music album by Israeli-Turkish percussion and oud artist, Yinon Muallem.

Released: April 2016.


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String orchestration of seven tracks in “Faces & Places”,

a jazz album (which was a candidate for Grammy award nomination)

by internationally renowned Turkish-American composer and pianist Fahir Atakoğlu,

featuring Grammy award winning jazz musicians as John Patitucci,

Randy Brecker, Horacio “El Negro” Hernández, Bob Mintzer, and also Wayne Krantz.

Released: July, 2009.


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